Green Earth Paper Tape

Eco-freindly, water based, 100% recyclable.

  Most Tapes can not be recyclable when it is thrown out with the box/carton, it must be discharged as garbage which adds to land waste.
Green Earth Paper Tape is made from water-ased pulp and adhesive coated with a special water-soluble agent tha can be discharged without removing from the box/carton. 100% recyclable.
Here are the main points:
1. Water Soluble: 75% of the material is water based.
2. Non-Hazardous: All raw materials are FDA approved for food, no environmental hormones.
3. Re-Pulping: Reducing to pulp only by inputting the paper production process.
4. Easy Production: Most of the existing production facilites can be used as is, and the production sped is 15% faster.
5. Biodegredation: Rapidly decomposes into its natural state.

Ingredients (FDA Approved) CAS-NO:. Proportion %
Co-Polymer of Ethylene & Methacrlylic Acid - 23 ± 1
Water 7732-18-5 73 ± 2
N,N-Dimethylethanolamine 108-01-0 2 ± 1
Silicon Dioxide 7631-86-9 1 ± 0.3
Others - < 0.4

Packing Details:
30 Rolls(Tapes) per carton
Carton Size: 34cm x 23cm x 25cm
To order direct from the factory in South Korea, minimum quantity is 300 cartons (9,000 tapes)
Price is USD 1.50 FOB per Roll (Tape) - Please discuss with us for larger quantities and better prices
Each Tape is 5cm wide and 50m in length
You can download the brochure here